I was inspired by a friend to try to create a Cerberus out of clay.  After about 3 hours and 2 armatures of attempts, I gave up on that idea (for now) and made a teddy bear out of the brown clay I had been working with.  I think partially because I had worked and reworked the clay so many times that there was a bubble of air in the bear’s back that I missed, so he has a bit of scoliosis going on, though you can’t see that from the front of course!

Still, I thought he was pretty adorable so I decided to go with the same idea and create more bears in different colors with different patterns on their patches.  You can see some subtle differences between each of them size-and-shape-wise, but otherwise look pretty similar.  I could do better though, so I plan to make the rest of the rainbow out of bears (a blue, a red, a yellow, and perhaps an orange) also.

Maybe they will be my first clay additions to my shop.. are they worthy?  I think they are, though I may just have to keep Chocolate Bear, and not just because he has a slight defect.

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