Naptime Dragon

Last night I attempted a dragon holding his own teddy bear.  He is larger than anything else I have done, towering at about 3 inches high! Woah!

I have also learned an important lesson with him, which is that if the feet allow for ANY rocking, he will rock.  The back of his feet have a slight slant to him, which means if I put him down on a table he rocks back and forth for a second before coming to a stop on the flats of his feet.  Unfortunately because of this unwanted feature, when I was taking him out of the oven after his 2 hours of baking he fell forward onto his poor little snoot and ended up cracking a couple of spots on his belly.  It doesn’t make sense but it happened.

naptime dragon

As a result you can see a tiny bit of glue along the area between the haunches on the left and the light blue belly.  Fortunately, one of the cracks was right along this edge and when I took these pictures I had Bake & Bond drying in that spot.  The other crack, which appeared along the center of his belly about an inch to the right of the first crack was easily sealed with Bake & Bond while he was still pliable (and very hot, ouch).   I shoved a bit of the Bake & Bond into that crack and pushed until it sealed, then gently wiped away any excess.  He then baked for another 30 minutes to set both glues.  Although I can tell these imperfections are there, you would have to look to find them.  I was hoping he would be the first in line to be sold in my Etsy store, but I can’t put him in there now because of his repairs!  I guess I’ll just have to try another one tonight.

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