End of Winter Catch up!

Spring is almost here! It’s been a while since I updated this main page – yet again – but I have been busy working, painting Windstones. Here are some of their pictures. You can see more detail on every piece by clicking on the drop down menu at the top of the screen and finding them on their sculpture pages!

End of Summer catch up

I’ve painted quite a few things over the end of the summer (and one forgotten from the winter). After getting my first airbrush ever, I have started working on my technique and am slowly starting to become more used to it. I have been thrilled with my progress so far! I still do lots of hand detailing, but the airbrush allows me to paint some wild things on the base of my pieces.

Ocean Jasper and Coral Reef

Here are my latest finished projects! “Ocean Jasper” the Kitty Griffin, and two pieces painted in a scheme I am calling “Coral Reef”, as it reminds me of the bright colors you can find in reefs in the ocean. The latter two are being auctioned on the Facebook group.