Ocean Jasper and Coral Reef

Here are my latest finished projects! “Ocean Jasper” the Kitty Griffin, and two pieces painted in a scheme I am calling “Coral Reef”, as it reminds me of the bright colors you can find in reefs in the ocean. The latter two are being auctioned on the Facebook group.

Let me catch you up..

Here’s what I’ve been up to lately! I have been very bad about uploading to my own website.
I painted a companion piece for the Cloud scheme on a Kitty Griffin, tried something new on a Snerl and Kitty Griffin combo, painted a pair of Dragon twins, and went stripe crazy on a Snerl with a sunset scheme. I hope the new year is treating you well.

“Cloud” Snerl

I revisited this scheme that I have painted on 4 or 5 different Phoenixes in the past, but this time on a Snerl (Windstone Editions’ logo griffin). These statues are super cute and fun to paint!

Hallowed Night

Two pieces recently painted in a scheme I’m calling “Hallowed Night”, inspired by October and Halloween. Both are finished with a matte topcoat and painted in oranges, purples, and blacks.