Ice and Autumn

I was commissioned recently for a Rock Dragon painted in pastel blues. The rock was originally based on white flagstone, but it came out looking like she was perched on top of a glacier! The commissioner has dubbed this scheme “Elsa”, inspired by the Disney film.

Autumn is here, and my first inspiration was to paint a Kirin in a scheme that I am calling “October Sunset”. This one is being auctioned on Facebook and the buyer will have the option between two different eyecolors. I personally like the dark silver in her. What do you think?

Summer colors.. and space!

Some of the most recent pieces I have painted were inspired by my newly found love of succulent plants, and in a color scheme I call “Summer”. While I waited for a commission piece to be delivered I painted my first “Sushi Cat” in a galaxy scheme that is at least partly inspired by some memes of the past.

“Reef” Oriental Dragon

He’s finally done! This is “Reef”, a PYO Oriental Dragon! I have spent more time on this piece than I think any other piece I’ve ever done, and I hope it shows! This took me approximately 53 hours to complete. I’ve learned a lot (like, 4 colors PER SCALE is way too much to blend efficiently!) but I am really happy with the way he turned out.

Two New Windstones

I’ve painted two new Paint Your Own Windstones since I last made a post! Here they are, “Deepwater Dun” the Hippocampus, and “Dusky Sunset” the Rock Dragon – the first of this type I’ve ever painted.

If you are interested in a commission, please check out my Commissions Page!