“Aurora Borealis”

This small Dragon has been painted in colors to resemble the night sky. She has details on her wings to show the Aurora Borealis, and has silver stars along her wings and sides. She has a matte topcoat and two Swarovski crystals in her forehead and in her tail spiral.

Ice and Autumn

I was commissioned recently for a Rock Dragon painted in pastel blues. The rock was originally based on white flagstone, but it came out looking like she was perched on top of a glacier! The commissioner has dubbed this scheme “Elsa”, inspired by the Disney film.

Autumn is here, and my first inspiration was to paint a Kirin in a scheme that I am calling “October Sunset”. This one is being auctioned on Facebook and the buyer will have the option between two different eyecolors. I personally like the dark silver in her. What do you think?

Summer colors.. and space!

Some of the most recent pieces I have painted were inspired by my newly found love of succulent plants, and in a color scheme I call “Summer”. While I waited for a commission piece to be delivered I painted my first “Sushi Cat” in a galaxy scheme that is at least partly inspired by some memes of the past.