Hallowed Night

Two pieces recently painted in a scheme I’m calling “Hallowed Night”, inspired by October and Halloween. Both are finished with a matte topcoat and painted in oranges, purples, and blacks.

Burnt Pumpkin

For the first Winged Wolf that I’ve painted in several years (and my second one ever!), I came up with a scheme I am calling “Burnt Pumpkin”. This guy hopefully reminds you of the beginnings of autumn, when the crisp dead-leaf air is just starting to touch the wind.


Two pieces that I painted recently in a new scheme I am calling “Twilight”. I realize looking back through my schemes that I paint lots of “sky” themed pieces, most often inspired by sunsets. It would explain why I am running quite low on scheme names for those types of color pallettes!

In any case, these two pieces are painted to resemble a dusky sky right before the sun’s rays are gone, and when the stars just begin to twinkle. These were auctioned off on the Official Windstone Editions fan page on Facebook.

Prism and Rockwings

We just recently got back from a vacation where we drove cross country! Before we left, I painted this Kitsune in a color scheme I call “Prism”. It reminds me of an oil slick. I also painted two pieces in a scheme I call “Rockwing”. A Keeper Dragon, and a Small Dragon counterpart. This scheme was made when inspiration struck after seeing a beautiful piece of southwestern American inspired artwork. The wings were inspired directly by “red rock”, giving the color scheme its name!