Let me catch you up..

Here’s what I’ve been up to lately! I have been very bad about uploading to my own website.
I painted a companion piece for the Cloud scheme on a Kitty Griffin, tried something new on a Snerl and Kitty Griffin combo, painted a pair of Dragon twins, and went stripe crazy on a Snerl with a sunset scheme. I hope the new year is treating you well.

“Cloud” Snerl

I revisited this scheme that I have painted on 4 or 5 different Phoenixes in the past, but this time on a Snerl (Windstone Editions’ logo griffin). These statues are super cute and fun to paint!

Hallowed Night

Two pieces recently painted in a scheme I’m calling “Hallowed Night”, inspired by October and Halloween. Both are finished with a matte topcoat and painted in oranges, purples, and blacks.

Burnt Pumpkin

For the first Winged Wolf that I’ve painted in several years (and my second one ever!), I came up with a scheme I am calling “Burnt Pumpkin”. This guy hopefully reminds you of the beginnings of autumn, when the crisp dead-leaf air is just starting to touch the wind.


Two pieces that I painted recently in a new scheme I am calling “Twilight”. I realize looking back through my schemes that I paint lots of “sky” themed pieces, most often inspired by sunsets. It would explain why I am running quite low on scheme names for those types of color pallettes!

In any case, these two pieces are painted to resemble a dusky sky right before the sun’s rays are gone, and when the stars just begin to twinkle. These were auctioned off on the Official Windstone Editions fan page on Facebook.