Pale Sunset Dragon

Yet another piece painted in the “Pale Sunset” scheme – this time a small Dragon! This guy has details in rose gold paint, and features two swarovski crystals – one in his forehead, and one clutched in his tail. He has a matte topcoat.

Pale Sunset

Using the same colors that I used for my previous “Vivid Sunset”‘s fur, I painted this Kitsune to resemble a paler version of a sunset. Still vivid, so maybe a misnomer, but I’m in love with these colors together regardless!

Vivid Sunset Oriental Dragon

I’m a big fan of sunset colors, so this was a natural decision for me. I had some leftover paints from the last PYO that I painted, so I mixed up just enough more for this Oriental Dragon. I’m trying a different painting style for this guy, specifically because the time I sink into most Oriental Dragon projects is excessive. They come out lovely, and I will certainly do more with very detailed scales, but it’s difficult to recoup the time cost for those pieces. I’m hoping this one will pique interest and do well in sales so I can paint more like him in the future.

This guy was painted with Liquitex Heavy Body paints, and given details with Golden Interference paint and Liquid Leaf in Classic Gold. He was given a glossy topcoat because all of the gold details demanded to stay shiny! His pewter horns have been painted with DecoColor Premium gold paint.

Winter’s Shadow, Vivid Sunset

These are the last two Paint Your Own Windstones that I’ve done! Winter’s Shadow was painted to resemble the colors of snow in the shadow of a tree, and Vivid Sunset was a blind commission piece where I was given preferences and otherwise minimal direction. Both were a blast to paint!

I have footage of painting both of these pieces, and I’ll be creating videos if I can ever figure out how to transfer MOV footage from an iphone to my PC!