Naptime Dinosaur

Continuing with the “Naptime” theme, I sculpted a Dinosaur in much the same style as the Naptime Dragon.  This guy is holding a little “stone” dinosaur plushy and he seems pretty excited to go to sleep – a rare trait for a young dino!

I am still waiting (im)patiently for a light box to arrive so that I can take better quality pictures, but it looks like it won’t arrive until Thursday, so I decided to post some less-than-awesome quality pictures of what I’ve been up to anyway!

I was also inspired by Bleach to create a little demon guy.  I was attempting to make him look “cute”, but he just kind of looks creepy.  I still like him though.

I made two more bears also, and my hang tags came in!  I’ll have to post those next time though, maybe once my light box gets here.

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