Catching Up

I haven’t just been doing nothing all this time, I promise!  Here are a few pieces that I have completed or worked on Since my last post in October (how are months flying by so fast?)

Two more versions of the “Halo” painting, in green and blue.  I have prints of Halo and Halo Green available in my Etsy store!  These are special prints, as I have detailed each with gold or silver paint so they will sparkle and shine.

I also finally used a sketch that I had set aside for quite a while to create a painting for my boyfriend’s father for Christmas.  This is likely a sketch I will use to create different versions in the future.


A few watercolor paintings that were gifts,  quite similar in style.


And finally, one adorable kawaii style fox.

You can find all of these images on my Traditional Art page, and some originals will soon become available in my Etsy shop!



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