Inktober: week two

So week two has actually come and gone.. almost a week ago.  I am super behind on getting this Inktober thing up to date!  I had a moment of despair last week where I thought I was too far behind to complete on time, and then I realized – who cares?  If I complete Inktober in November, at least I did it, and that’s what matters the most to me.

This week’s prompts started with “Crooked”, and originally I was going to do a shepherd on a hill with a bunch of sheep, and I even got so far as to sketch it out, but just wasn’t feeling it.  Instead, I decided to draw a crook, and take the word a little less literally.  You’ll notice a trend in the first five days of the week too..  circles. For some reason, circles everywhere.

Day 9’s prompt was “Screech”, so I drew a Northern Screech Owl.  Cute little buggers.  And of course he needed a moon behind him.  Circle 2.

The tenth day’s prompt was “Gigantic” and I fell in love with the idea of trying to convey the scale of a giant monster invading land.  What better monster to do this than Cthulhu?!  He’s also a pretty cute little bugger.  And I put him in a circle.

For circle four – I mean, prompt 11 – the word was “Run”.  Honestly, I wasn’t really feeling this one and I feel like I phoned it in a little bit.  I certainly wasn’t feeling inspired by the word, and I was feeling like I was wasting a lot of time, so I just drew some horses running in front of Mount Shasta.  Meh.  Not my favorite.

Prompt 12 was “Shattered”, and I’ve been wanting to draw a cow skull ever since I ate dinner at Longhorn.  Is that weird?  Anyway, it needed a gold circle, so it got one.

The 13th prompt was “Teeming” and I was feeling a lot like I did on day 11 for this one as well – completely uninspired.  I did the lamest thing and just looked up “teeming” as a google search and saw a picture of a bunch of bees.  I actually really like the way this one came out, and not just because it’s not a flipping circle but I think it has a lot of successes.  It was very hard to photograph without washing out one of the gold bees, so there you have it.

Prompt 14 was “Fierce”, and although this may be one of the subjects a ton of people probably went to with this prompt, I was determined to make it look decent.  I am actually not thrilled with this one just because I know the image I was looking at and I feel like some of the proportions of the tiger’s face just aren’t correct, but I think the style of the fur and the values were a success so it was kind of a mixed bag for me.

Will I be able to complete Inktober on time??  (almost certainly not)
Will I get distracted with the PC Destiny 2 release next Tuesday?? (almost certainly)
Tune in and see what happens next week!

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