A Year

It’s been (almost) a year since I last posted on this page.  I’ve worked on commissions, painted some, my cat went through surgery, my boyfriend and I went on many day drives, I took lots of pretty pictures.

I am frustrated with myself that I haven’t been keeping up this page as much as I wanted to – as much as I told myself I would when I first made it.  I have such great aspirations to do things with my art and I can’t ever seem to hold myself to them.  But I am posting now, and that is something.

It is my month off from work and I have been painting quite a bit.  Today, I went back to one of the first paintings I did in watercolor, and still one of my favorites.  The original, which you can see in the right side panel under “About the Artist”, is only about an inch and a half square.  The one I painted today is a little over 8  inches square.  There are things I like better about it, and things I prefer more about the original, but I love them both.

I am also involved in an ACEO swap which has been helping the creative juices flow, and I have painted more than my allotted share of those so I figured I will show them here.  Most of these will not be in the swap – maybe none of them will be in the swap.  I haven’t decided which ones I’ll be keeping and which I’ll be sending out, and I still have more ideas that I want to paint so I am not done making them either!  Each of these paintings is 2.5″x3.5″.

For my sister’s birthday in June, I painted her a picture of Humpback Whales, which predates the smaller version that I tried in the ACEO above.

All of these paintings were done in the last few weeks, and I am hoping that I can keep up the pace until the end of my time off from work.  The ACEO swap has certainly had me motivated, and has helped me get back into the groove again.
Finally, these two images were painted a few months back.  I was working on making my skin tone more realistic, though after painting them I realize I also direly need to work on my proportions.  Still, I like the colors and the style of the backgrounds.

And here’s hoping that I stay motivated, and it’s not another yearlong lapse between posts!

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    • Hannah says:

      Thank you Stephie! 😀 I think you may be the only person that looks at my posts but heck.. I love you for it 😀

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