Polymer Clay Fun!

I’ve been working on and off with polymer clay since I was in high school making beads out of Fimo and I thought detailed cane work was the coolest thing, but since working on Windstone PYO sculptures so much my thoughts have always come back to sculpting my own little creations, and polymer clay is one of the best ways for me to be creative in such a way.


It’s certainly going to take lots of practice, but I am drawn to the tiny foods that I see so many people perfect.  Most of it is for dollhouses, but at the moment I just want to hone my skills so that I can create more creatures that are interacting with my tiny creations.


I watch youtube videos for ideas, browse through Deviantart galleries in my spare time, and there are just so many talented people out there.  Sometimes I think I am fooling myself, dreaming of a day that I could subsist on the profits of my own art.  Other times, I look at how far some of these artists have come (Deviantart galleries that have spanned years are really such a huge inspiration to keep working at it) and have to tell myself that I can do it if I work hard enough, if I practice long enough, if I sculpt over and over..


I don’t think I am skilled enough for it yet, but my goal is to have an Etsy shop that sells at least one thing a week.  Wouldn’t that be great?  I just have to keep at it.

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