On this page are examples of repainted Windstones that I have painted in the past.  Please be aware that Windstone Editions discourages repaints for a plethora of reasons, one of which is that they fear repaints could be confused as official Windstone pieces.  Because of this reason, ALL of my repainted Windstone pieces have “REPAINT” marked clearly on their felt pads.  If you commission me for a piece, the felt pad will be marked in this way.
I do not add the prices of repaints to this page because they tend to vary widely.  If you are interested in discussing price quotes, please contact me via my commissions page form.

“Big Red” repainted Emperor Dragon

“Spring Patina” repainted Hatching Emperor

“Midnight Seaside” repainted Baby Kirin

“Zebra” repainted Mother Unicorn

“Antique Rose” repainted Baby Unicorn

“Red Velvet” repainted Baby Unicorn

“Chalcopyrite” repainted Baby Unicorn

“Moonrise Tiger” repainted Young Dragon

“Magnum” repainted Sitting Spectral Dragon

“Beast” repainted Male Griffin

“Moon Koi” repainted Hatching Empress

“Sun Koi” repainted Hatching Emperor

“Kujaku Cloud” repainted Oriental Dragon

“Thorn” repainted Baby Unicorn

“Blue Skies” repainted Curled Dragon

“Soleil” repainted Baby Unicorn

“Aqua Palomino” repainted Baby Kirin

“Drakon” repainted Fledgling

“Drakon” repainted Lap Dragon

“Drakon” repainted Old Warror

“Golden Empress” repainted Hatching Empress

“Cupcake” repainted Hatching Dragon

“Tsunami” repainted Baby Unicorn

“Luna” repainted Baby Unicorn

“Taiga” repainted Emperor

“Solar Flare” repainted Emperor

“Pharaoh” repainted Male Dragon